श्री रमेश बालसेकर


रमेश बालसेकर, उपासक निर्गुण निराकार
निराकाराचा साकार, मानी जगाचा आकार
कर्ता न जगी कोणी, उपदेश नित्य जाणी
कर्मफलाचा त्याग करुनि, सुखशांतीत नित्य राही
आदर्श रमण महर्षींचा, अन् शिष्य निसर्गदत्तांचा
पेडर रोडी प्रभाती, चाले संवाद वेदांताचा
तेथे मेळा जमतो नित्य, भारतीय अन् पाश्‍च्यात्त्यांचा
वयोवृद्ध मार्गदर्शका, माझा नमस्कार नित्याचा

Ramesh Balsekar has written many books describing the Ultimate Philosophy in a Simple, Precise and Effective language.

The Ultimate philosophy in his Simple Words:

  • Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain.
  • Nobody can take away my pain and nobody can offer more pleasure than I am entitled for according to the Gods Will or Cosmic Law, It has been predetermined and cannot be changed.
  • Event happens, deeds are done. Consequences happen. There is no individual doer of any deed.
  • Enlightenment is a happening and not an achievement.
  • Enlightenment is End of Suffering.
  • Life is a mixture of Pain and Pleasure. Happiness is End of Suffering because of Load of guilt and shame, load of pride and arrogance, load of hatred and malice, jealousy and envy towards others.
  • Everything is a Happening through a Body – Mind organism.
  • Whatever happens is by the Will of the GOD.
  • Acceptance: I accept pleasure and pain with same spirit.

On his 90th birthday, he distributed a page containing the following:


  1. Impersonal consciousness as the source is the only Reality; all creation is an appearance therein.
  1. Everything that happens in this world is a happening according to God’s Will or Cosmic Law, through a particular body-mind organism through which it is supposed to happen, and affects those concerned, for better or worse, according to the destiny of each individual.
  1. The individual entity – the ego – is Impersonal Consciousness identified with each body-mind organism as a separate entity, so that inter-human relationships could happen as the very basis of life.
  1. The ego, the individual entity, is incapable of doing anything, since everything happens according to the will of God or Cosmic Law. Therefore, no one commits a sin or a meritorious deed; no one is a good person or an evil person. Everything happens according to God’s Will or Cosmic Law.
  1. When a body is dead, the connection with the Source is broken, and the identified consciousness again becomes Impersonal Consciousness. No individual entity is at all concerned in the process.

                        (– Friday May 25, 2007)

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